Dr. Jarek Harezlak Awarded Site PI for R01 Grant, Funded by NINDS


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Dr. Harezlak is a site PI on the R01 grant “PREDICTING BRAIN CHANGES IN HIV/AIDS” funded by the NINDS in August 2012.

Jointly with Dr. Thompson at UCLA and Dr. Navia at Tufts University, Dr. Harezlak will study the brain disease progression amongst chronically infected HIV patients. In particular, novel statistical methods will be developed in the framework of tensor-based morphometry (TBM) of serial MRI scans and whole-brain connectivity mapping based on the diffusion tensor imaging (DTI). These methods will be used to track the effects of the disease on the living brain. In conjunction with other more established HIV biomarkers (CD4+ T-cell counts, viral load), we will be able to better predict which patients with HIV/AIDS show accelerated brain changes. By better predicting who will decline clinically, we will empower the design of therapeutic trials.

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