Dr. Patrick Monahan Awarded R01 Grant from NIA September 1, 2013


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Dr. Patrick Monahan was awarded a 3-year R01 grant from NIA to develop a clinically practical multidimensional caregiver-reported and self-reported instrument to measure and monitor the symptoms of elderly patients living with multiple chronic conditions. The mixed-methods will include focus groups, cognitive interviewing, field testing, and full psychometric analyses including sensitivity to change and validity for predicting 3 month health care utilization. The study team includes five co-investigators, Malaz Boustani, Chris Callahan, Kurt Kroenke, Tami Bakas, and Mary Austrom; two consultants, Jim Galvin and Deb Saliba; one research coordinator, Amanda Harrawood; two research assistants, TBN; one research coordinator mentor, Amie Frame; one biostatistician, Tim Stump; one medical record analyst, Evgenia Teal; one data manager, TBN; and one IT entrepreneur, Bharath Bynagari. Dr. Monahan and Dr. Boustani co-wrote this grant.

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