The Indiana Alzheimer’s Disease Center (IADC) receives a five-year renewal grant


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The Indiana Alzheimer’s Disease Center (IADC) received a five-year renewal grant in August 2011 from the National Institute on Aging (NIA). The IADC was first established in 1991 as one of 30 Alzheimer’s Disease Centers in the country. The IADC includes a Data Management and Statistics Core (Data Core). The Data Core was initially established by Dr. Sujuan Gao in September 2004 through a competitive supplemental application; it was successfully renewed in 2006. The latest award will provide financial support for the Data Core through 2016. The Data Core serves as the central repository for data collected by other IADC cores, and it is designed to provide analytical support to the research activities of the multidisciplinary IADC investigator team. The Data Core includes two faculty members (Sujuan Gao and Hai Liu), one biostatistician (Katie Lane), one data manager (Steve Brown) and one programmer (Mark Wei).

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