Research by Drs. Wanzhu Tu and Howard Pratt found adiposity effect


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Research found adiposity effect on blood pressure much magnified in overweight and obese children

A recent study conducted by Drs. Wanzhu Tu and Howard Pratt showed that the adiposity effect on blood pressure in overweight and obese children was much greater than that observed in their lean peers. The finding was made when researchers used semi parametric regression techniques to examine blood pressure data collected from a group of children. The new analytical technique showed a strong upward swing of adiposity effect in the upper spectrum of body mass index (BMI) percentiles, a finding might have been

missed by traditional linear regression analysis. Using the same technique, they also showed similar upswings in heart rate and in plasma levels of leptin, an adipose- derived hormone. From these observations, the researchers hypothesized that higher levels of leptin, by activating the sympathetic nervous system, contributed to the elevation of blood pressure. The research paper was published in the latest issue of Hypertension, with

an accompanying editorial commentary. The American Heart Association released a special report to highlight the key findings of the paper. CNN and other media outlets also reported the study. George Eckert, Zhangsheng Yu, Linda DiMeglio, and Jeesun Jung are co- authors of the publication.

Tu W, Eckert G, DiMeglio LA, Yu Z, Jung J, Pratt JH. Intensified effect of adiposity blood pressure in overweight and obese children. Hypertension. 2011. 58. 818-824.

CNN's report can be found at overweight-blood-pressure-spike/index.html

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