Xiaochun Li

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Centre de Recherches des Mathematiques,

Universite de Montreal and McGill University


Research Fellow (Statistics)






University of British Columbia, Canada

University of Saskatchewan, Canada

Tsinghua University, China

Ph.D. (Statistics)

M.Sc. (Statistics)

M.Sc. (Applied Math)








Tsinghua University, China

B.Sc. (Applied Math)








Department of Biostatistics, Indiana University School of Medicine


Associate Professor





Regenstrief Institute

Affiliated Scientist


Harvard School of Public Health and Dana Farber Cancer Institute

Research Scientist







Eli Lilly and Company

Senior Statistician



Personal Page:

My curent primary research interest is in developing statistical methods for the analysis of observational data, mostly from eletronic medical records. I have conducted research in statistical methods dealing with confounding with missing data. I have

been involved in research projects in pharmacoepidemiology for drug safety and public health.  I have extensive experience working with a team of medical researchers, biostatisticians and data managers on various database and clinical studies. I am the project lead and co-lead of two industry funded projects on statistical methodology of confounding control and characterization of hypentension patients and management.  I am the Core Leader for the Biostatistics Core of the 2012 Merck-Regenstrief collaboration. My other interests include statistical computing, non- and semi-parametric regression, clinical trials and bioinformatics.

Refereed (Selected)

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