Fee Schedule

Fees are charged to support personnel and cover other expenses needed to maintain the Department at a level required to carry out its mission. The fee schedule includes all expenses related to Department personnel and enables them to perform their duties related to the research project. These include use of the Department's computing facilities, systems support, software, administrative support, professional travel, supplies, and telephone. These rates are based on actual costs to the Department of Biostatistics. Rates for research projects outside of Indiana University contain an additional component to help support the educational and service missions of the Department.

2017-2018 Fees

IU Rate/hour

Outside Rate/hour*

PhD Faculty $161 $181
Project Statistician $69 $77
Data Manager
$54 $61
Server/Database Admin. $54 $61
PhD Student Statistician $65 $73
Data Entry $16 $19
*Emergency requests for services without prior scheduling by Biostatistics personnel will be accommodated only if time permits and services will be charged at double the above rates.

How to obtain an estimate
To obtain an estimate for any kind of biostatistician support, whether it is for direct support for named individuals on a grant or fee-for-service support, first contact the lead statistician in your project area. See the Contact Information section for more information regarding whom to contact if needed.

The mechanism used to provide support does not alter the collaborative atmosphere that the Department has attempted to foster over the years within the IU health sciences community. The contribution of each person needs to be evaluated as a manuscript is prepared. Consideration for authorship should be based on the accepted criteria for most medical journals. These criteria generally cite both study design and statistical analysis as intellectual input sufficient for authorship. It is impossible to define every situation in advance; however, it should be clear that reimbursement for time does not preclude or replace authorship.

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