Giorgos Bakoyannis


  • Postdoctoral research fellowship in Biostatistics, Indiana University, USA, 04/2014 to 08/2015

  • Ph.D. in Biostatistics, University of Athens, Greece, 2014

  • M.S. in Biostatistics, University of Athens, Greece, 2007

  • B.S. in Public Health, Technological Educational Institute of Athens, Greece, 2004


Academic appointments

  • Assistant Professor, Dept. of Biostatistics, Indiana University Fairbanks School of Public Health and School of Medicine, USA, 01/2017 to present

  • Visiting Assistant Professor, Dept. of Biostatistics, Indiana University School of Medicine and Fairbanks School of Public Health, USA, 09/2015 to 12/2016

  • Research Associate, Dept. of Hygiene, Epidemiology and Medical Statistics, University of Athens, Greece, 11/2013 to 02/2014

  • Research Associate, Dept. of Hygiene, Epidemiology and Medical Statistics, University of Athens, Greece, 10/2006 to 12/2012


Honors and awards

  • Junior Researcher Award, International Chinese Statistical Association, 2017

  • SER Travel Award, American Statistical Association - Section on Statistics in Epidemiology, 2017
  • ENAR RAB Poster Award, International Biometric Society - Eastern North American Region, 2016


Contact information

Department of Biostatistics

Indiana University School of Medicine

410 West 10th Street, Suite 3000

Indianapolis, IN 46202

email: gbakogia [at]

Tel: (317) 278-5457

Dr. Bakoyannis' methodological research is focused on the nonparametric and semiparametric analysis of survival and competing risks data as well as Markov processes, with a special emphasis on issues commonly arising in biomedical and clinical research, such as missing data, outcome misclassification and interval censoring. The motivation for his past and current methodological research came from various collaborative research projects in which he participated as a biostatistician, mainly in the field of HIV/AIDS epidemiology. Dr. Bakoyannis has served as a technical advisor for the Reference Group on Estimates, Modelling and Projections of the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) on issues related to estimation of mortality under misclassification due to death under-reporting.


Additionally, Dr. Bakoyannis is interested in collaborative research in a majority of biomedical and clinical fields including but not limited to HIV/AIDS, cancer and other chronic diseases, Occupational and Environmental Epidemiology and health-related behavioral issues.

Statistical methodology

  1. Bakoyannis G., Zhang Y. and Yiannoutsos C. T. Nonparametric inference for Markov processes with missing absorbing state. Statistica Sinica. Accepted.
  2. Bakoyannis G., Yu M. and Yiannoutsos C. T. Semiparametric regression on cumulative incidence function with interval-censored competing risks data. Statistics in Medicine 2017; 36(23):3683-3707.
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  4. Bakoyannis G. and Yiannoutsos, C.T., 2015. Impact of and correction for outcome misclassification in cumulative incidence estimation. PLOS ONE 2015; 10(9):p.e0137454.
  5. Bakoyannis G. and Touloumi G. Practical methods for competing risks data: A review. Statistical Methods in Medical Research 2012; 21(3):257-272.
  6. Bakoyannis G., Siannis F. and Touloumi G. Modelling competing risks data with missing cause of failure. Statistics in Medicine 2010; 29(30):3172-3185.


Selected collaborative publications

  1. Kanakry C. G., Bakoyannis G., Perkins S. M., McCurdy S. R., Warren E. H., Vulic A., Daguindau E., Olmsted T., Mumaw C., Towlerton A. M., O'Donnell P. V., Symons H. J., Paczesny S. and Luznik L. Proteomic biomarkers in patients treated with post-transplantation cyclophosphamide following HLA-Haploidentical or HLA-matched-related or unrelated allogeneic BMT. Haematologica 2017; 102(5):932-940.
  2. Rebeiro P. F., Bakoyannis G., Musick B. S., Braithwaite R. S., Wools-Kaloustian K. K., Nyandiko W., Some F. F., Braitstein P. K. A. and Yiannoutsos C. T. Effect of Patient Outreach on Return to Care: The Earlier the Better. Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes, In press.
  3. Carpenter J. S., Bakoyannis G., Otte J. L., Chen C. X., Rand K. L., Woods N., Newton K., Joffe H., Manson J. E., Freeman E. W., Guthrie K. A. Hot flash related daily interference scale short form. Menopause 2017; 24(8):877-885.
  4. Rachlis B., Bakoyannis G., Easterbrook P., Genberg B., Braithwaite R.S., Cohen C.R., Bukusi E.A., Kambugu A., Bwana M.B., Somi G.R. and Geng E.H. Facility-Level Factors Influencing Retention of Patients in HIV Care in East Africa. PLOS ONE 201611(8): e0159994.
  5. Paraskevis D., Touloumi G., Bakoyannis G., Paparizos V., Lazanas M., Gargalianos P., Chryssos G., Antoniadou A., Psichogiou M., Panos G., Katsarou O., Sambatakou H., Kordossis T., Hatzakis A. on behalf of AMACS. Effect of HIV-1 subtype on virological and immunological response to cART: Evidence for a more rapid viral suppression for subtype A than subtype B infected Greek individuals. AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses 2013; 29(3):461-469.

PBHL-B656: Advanced Longitudinal Data Analysis (Fall 2017)

PBHL-B585: Analysis and Interpretation of Observation Studies (Spring 2018)

PBHL-B573: Applied Survival Data Analysis (Fall 2018)

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