Siu L. Hui

Degree PhD
Specialty Biostatistics
Professional Title
Distinguished Scientist, Regenstrief Institute; Professor Emerita of Biostatistics, Indiana University School of Medicine
Secretary Phone Number 317-630-8296317-274-9121 
Fax Number 317-274-9305
Expertise and Research Interests
Dr. Hui's research interest is in the design of observational studies, development of statistical methods and the application of innovative techniques to address biomedical and health services research questions. Her current interests include the use of large electronic health records to study practice patterns, health outcomes, and effectivenes of health care system implementations.
Professional Appointments
Assistant, Associate and Professor, Indiana University, School of Medicine, Indianapolis, Indiana 1981-2013, Distinguished Scientist, Regenstrief Institute, 2013-present.
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RESEARCH INTERESTS: My current research interests are in the application of novel methdology to biomedical and health services research questions.  In particular, I am involved with the mining of large electronic health records databases to discover practice patterns and health outcomes, and to evaluate the effectiveness of health care system implementations.

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8: Xu H, Hui SL, Grannis S. Optimal two-phase sampling design for comparing
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9: Daggy JK, Xu H, Hui SL, Gamache RE, Grannis SJ. A practical approach for
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10: Coté GA, Imler TD, Xu H, Teal E, French DD, Imperiale TF, Rosenman MB, Wilson
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PubMed Central PMCID: PMC3830424.

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