Ziyue Liu



M.A.&M.M. Medicine (M.D. equivalent) Sun Yat-sen University 1997
M.S. Biomathematics North Carolina State University 2004
Ph.D. Biostatistics University of Pennsylvania 2010


Academic Appointment

Assistant Professor

of Biostatistics

Indiana University School of Public Health

and School of Medicine


Associate Professor

of Biostatistics

Indiana University School of Public Health

and School of Medicine







Methodological Research Interests

Smoothing splines, functional data analysis, state space method, time series analysis, mixed effects models, and application driven methods.

Collaborative Research Interests

Generally speaking I am interested in all kinds of biomedical research. Here are some example areas in which I have worked or am working: bone, cancer clinical trials, HIV, shockwave lithotripsy, menopause, cardiac arrest, chronic renal insufficiency, SLE, STIs, and hypertension.

Methodological Papers

  1. Liu Z, Guo W. Modeling diurnal hormone profiles by hierarchical state space models. Statistics in Medicine, Accepted.
  2. Liu Z. A particle filter approach to multiprocess dynamic models with application to hormone data. Statistics in Biosciences, Accepted.
  3. Shen C, Yu Z, Liu Z. The use of statistics in heart rhythm research: a review. Heart Rhythm, 2015, 12:1376-1386.
  4. Liu Z, Cappola AR, Crofford LJ, Guo W. Modeling bivariate longitudinal hormone profiles by hierarchical state space models. Journal of American Statistical Association, 2014, 109:108-118.
  5. Liu Z, Yu M, Tong Y. Testing and sample size for polygonal one-sided hypotheses on bivariate binary outcomes. Statistics in Biopharmaceutical Research, 2013, 5:1-17.
  6. Liu Z, Guo W. Functional mixed effects models. WIREs Computational Statistics, 2012, 4:527-534.
  7. Liu Z, Guo W. fmixed: A SAS Macro for Smoothing-Spline-Based Functional Mixed Effects Models. Journal of Statistical Software, Code Snippet, 2011, 43:1–13.
  8. Liu Z, Guo W. Data Driven Adaptive Spline Smoothing. Statistica Sinica, 2010, 20:1143–1163.


Collaborative Papers

    1. Handa, RK, Johnson CD, Connors BA, Evan AP, Lingeman JE, Liu Z. Percutaneous renal access: surgical factors involved in the acute reduction of renal function. Journal of Endourology, Accepted.
    2. Dunmire B, Harper JD, Cunitz BW, Lee FC, His R, Liu Z, Bailey MR, Sorensen MD. Use of the acoustic shadow width to determine kidney stone size with ultrasound. The Journal of Urology, Accepted. PMID:26301788
    3. Hahn NM, Knudsen BS, Daneshmand S, Kock MO, Bihrle R, Foster RS, Garden TA, Cheng L, Liu Z, Breen T, Fleming MT, Lance R, Ryan CM, Corless CL, Alva AS, Mitchell G, Shen SS, Huang F, Gertych A, Gallick GE, Mallick J, Ryan C, Galsky MD, Lerner SP, Posadas EM, Sonpavde G. Neoadjuvant dasatinib for muscle-invasive bladder cancer with tissue analysis of biologic activity. Urologic Oncology: Seminars and Original Investigations, Accepted.
    4. Pradhan K, Mund J, Case J, Gupta S, Liu Z, Gathirua-Mwangi W, McDaniel A, Renbarger J, Champion V. Difference in circulating endothelial progenitor cells among childhood cancer survivors treated with and without radiation. Journal of Hematology & Thrombosis, Accepted.
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    7. Gupta S, Slaven J, Kamendulis J, Liu Z. A randomized, controlled trial of the effect of Rilpivirine versus Efavirenz on cardiovascular risk in healthy volunteers. Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy, Accepted. PMID:26169561
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      G651, Biostatistics I, Spring 2011

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      PBHL-B663, Applied Survival for MPH, Spring 2013, Spring2014, Fall 2014

      PBHL-B571, Linear Models, Fall 2015, 2016

      PBHL-B581, Biostatistical Computing (Introduction to SAS), Fall 2015, 2016

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